2018 Update

PFO Charter's chosen to host the Discovery Channel

A special thanks to Discovery  for entrusting PFO Charters and Capt. Cole McVay to support SharkWeek, Naked and Afraid.....and more in the Bahamas!

The PFO Experience

Global Excursions: Chasing World-class Offshore Species

Providing both coordinated trips across our planet to chase the best in-season species , and local charter offshore fishing in both Bahamas and South Florida.  Our services also include diving and spearfishing. Next trips:

 - PFO Andros:  Oct - May, Daily Fly and Offshore

 - PFO Florida: Sep - Nov, Daily Swordfish and Wahoo Ledge (Bahamas and Florida)

 - PFO Australia:  Jan 14, Cairns, Black Marlin

 - PFO Nicaragua: early March, Rancho Santa, Tuna and Surfing

 - PFO Baja Mexico:  May 12, Roosterfish

Island salt fly fishing

Double digit bones, gland slam focused ventures for tarpon and permit is the mission on the notorious West side of Andros Island.  In pursuit of the ultimate fly fishing experience, our Team hosts a world-class 'Mothership' excursion on our 65" Yacht.  For over 40 years, our family and friends have established Andros as the world's leading salt fly fishing location.

Legendary fly and outfits

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Featured Products

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Upcoming: Cairns, Austalia Black Marlin

Chasing Granders in the Barrier Reef - Down Unda!

Recent: Andros Bonefish

2017 Andros Bonefish Trip

Lesson 1: Line Management

Less 1 of 3 series on salt fly instruction: Line Management

Lesson 2: Target and Shooting

Check out this great videoTarget and Shooting is to work with guide and targeting the fish.

Lesson 3: Stripping, Setting, Fighting

Steady hook set and line cleaning techniques for pulling in your catch.